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West Fork Outfitters brings quality big game hunting to the avid outdoorsman.  Located in Dolores, Colorado only a stone's throw from Telluride.

West Fork Outfitters
Archery & Black Powder Hunts
for Elk & Deer

Michael and Jason Hall
Outfitter's License #2703
7510 Rd 26.1 Loop
Cortez, CO 81321
Michael: 970-759-0777
Jason: 970-560-3746

Archery and Black Powder Hunting

September is the most spectacular time in Colorado with the turning of the Aspen and the majestic sounds of the bugling wapitis. Our archery and blackpowder hunts are 7 days in length and occur during the peak of the rut.

Our guides are most familiar with all the limitations and challenges inherent in both black powder and archery hunting, and can be extra helpful for both the intermediate and experienced hunter.
A big elk harvested with West Fork Outfitters.
The challenge of the bowhunt is especially rewarding for any hunter.

Our strategy for elk hunting this time of the year is quite simple; stalk, bugle, cow call, ambush, or whatever works. Our guides are very competent at these strategies and the level of opportunity afforded our hunters and our success rate points this out.

Bull elk can be quite responsive one day and ghost-like the next; they seem to respond more strongly in the early morning and in the late evening, hours which make for long days in the woods. It is important to be in the hunt when your opportunity for success is the greatest.

These hunts, like our rifle hunts, occur at elevations of 8,500 feet to 11,500 feet with the flexibility of accessing any part of the 100,000+ acres in our permit. Horses are often used to access an area. Like all elk hunting, covering ground is important. The terrain can be steep and challenging, but the rewards cannot be surpassed.

Click HERE for season dates, license fees and Archery/Blackpowder rates.
Nice 6x6 bull taken in drop camp
Nice 6x6 bull taken in drop camp
Dennis didn't miss this one!
Dennis didn't miss this one!
A fine archery bull elk taken with West Fork Outfitters. A big blackpowder elk harvested with West Fork Outfitters.

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