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West Fork Outfitters brings quality big game hunting to the avid outdoorsman.  Located in Dolores, Colorado only a stone's throw from Telluride.

West Fork Outfitters Info Request
Seasons, License Fees & Rates

Michael and Jason Hall
Outfitter's License #2703
7510 Rd 26.1 Loop
Cortez, CO 81321
Michael: 970-759-0777
Jason: 970-560-3746

Colorado 2013 Hunting Season Dates

Archery Deer/Elk Aug. 31st-Sept. 29th
Muzzleloading Deer/Elk Sept. 14-22
Rifle (Limited Draw, Elk only) Oct. 12-16
Rifle (Combined Deer, Elk) Oct. 19-27
Rifle (Combined Deer, Elk) Nov. 2-11
Rifle ( Combined Limited Deer, Elk) Nov. 13-17


Colorado Deer & Elk License Fees


Non Resident Deer $349
Non Resident Bull Elk $579
Bull Elk licenses can be purchased over the counter prior to the season opening, with the exception of limited licenses, e.g. Black Powder, 1st and 4th Rifle and Cow Elk tags etc. ALL DEER TAGS ARE BY DRAWING ONLY.



West Fork Outfitters: Guided Hunts


Based on 5 days hunting, 1-2 hunters per guide (Limit of 8 clients) *see note below.
Rifle, Elk only
October 13-17 (5 days) · Rates based on 2 hunters/guide
Rifle, Deer/Elk Combo
October 20-28 (5 days) · Rates based on 2 hunters/guide
Rifle, Deer/Elk Combo
November 3-9 (5 days) · Rates based on 2 hunters/guide
Rifle, Deer/Elk Combo
November 14-18 (5 days) · Rates based on 2 hunters/guide
Private land guided hunts available at $4000 per hunter. 2 hunters per 1 guide. also see



West Fork Outfitters: Drop Camps


Fully equipped back country camps (no food); BASED ON A 7 DAY LIMIT.
1 or 2 hunters · $2500.00 each
3+ hunters · $1750 each



West Fork Outfitters: Pack Service


Pack Service For Downed Game
1 Day Rate
$300.00 per day



Deposits and Cancellations


Bookings are secured when a deposit of the lesser of $1000 or 50% of the hunt price (US funds) is received. Cancellations made 90 days prior to hunt date may be transferred to a future hunt. Refunds will be made in Draw hunts (1st rifle, Muzzle Loader and 4th Rifle)if the hunter does not draw the permit.



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